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PetLife has its own independent supply of
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PetLife is dedicated to providing a preventive
veterinary care solutions to help keep your pets
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PetLife's research & development laboratory and
manufacturing facilities are staffed with the most
skilled doctors and technicians in the nutraceutical
and curative veterinary medicine industry

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We have a large supply of Blue Scorpion serum
in order to meet your demands.

    • October 10 2014

      Miami based Veterinarian, Dr. Raul Jimenez describes his feelings about Escozine for Pets™
    • October 26 2014

      Santo Domingo based Veterinarian, Dr. Patricia Mendez reports her observational study using Escozine for Pets™
    • November 05 2014

      Dr. Joel Beth Mitchel-Navratik supports her ongoing clinical study using Escozine for Pets™ with 7 week, time-lapsed X-Rays.
    • November 05 2014

      California based Company's Cancer Fighting Serum made from Peptides found in Scorpion Venom - Nightline News