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The PetLife Executive Team

Biographies of Directors and Officers

Sebastian Serrell-Watts - CEO AND CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD
Sebastian Serrell-Watts was born in England and was educated at the University of Southern California. Mr. Serrell-Watts has more than 20 years of business experience. His portfolio of industry knowledge includes manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services and entertainment. He has seasoned expertise in capital raising, structuring finance, sales, and global marketing.

At this time, and through the next stages of our development, we have contracted with Blue Comet, LLC, a firm specializing in serving companies as an interim CFO during the early stages of companies. The principals of Blue Comet, LLC have over 40 years of experience working with private and public companies, including the public registration (one IPO for a NASDAQ company) of 11 companies. The principals have served as CFO, Audit Chairman, and Director of several public companies in various industries, including a pharmaceutical company. Their services will ensure that PetLife maintains a high level of its financial reporting to the SEC and ultimately, our shareholders. When PetLife obtains the stage of development requiring a fulltime CFO, we will seek a professional with industry experience.


Dr. Mitchell-Navratik holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida. After university, she undertook an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at The Animal Medical Center and Bobst Hospital in New York City in 1994. That same years, she joined the Aventura Animal Hospital and was soon promoted to the position of Chief of Staff within the facility. This is a position she has held ever since.

One of her biggest achievements at the facility has been to expand Aventura Animal Hospital to a full-service hospital with an emergency care unit that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since 2001, Dr. Joel Beth Mitchell-Navratik has served as the Corporate Medical Director for Pet Medical Centers, LLC. in South Florida. Pet Medical Centers is comprised of 8 state of the art small animal veterinary hospitals employing 27 veterinarians and 162 staff members. Pet Medical Centers offers a comprehensive approach to Veterinary Care, which includes internal medicine, surgery, radiology, ultrasound, CT imaging, boarding, grooming, preventive medicine, and a fully stocked pharmacy. Pet Medical Centers is the largest privately held group of veterinary hospitals in the Unites States.


Dr. Broderick is a world-renowned veterinarian based in New York. A veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division and the 7 th Infantry Division, serving in the Korean War, he graduated in 1969 from the Kansas State University as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He opened his first clinic, Southdown Animal Clinic, in Huntington, NY, in 1969. In the 1970’s, Dr. Broderick, known as “Doc,” was a speaker championing the national movement against sugar and chemicals in pet food at the Health and Nutrition Expo in New York City, which was the official start of the Natural Pet Foods Movement in America. In 1975, Doc was the founder, developer and manufactured Cornucopia™ Natural Pet Food ( Dr. Broderick presented a paper titled, “The Cure, Prevention and Control of Cystitis in Cats” and received an award for his work from the Committee for World Health in Palm Springs, California. This paper described for the first time that acidification with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) of the urine dissolved triple phosphate (struvite) urinary calculi in 16 cats with acute cystitis and prevented bacteria from growing in the urinary tract and the subsequent return of the disease. This work also paved the way for the use of cranberry juice to treat urinary tract infections, thus helping to control and prevent one of the most common disease afflicting women in the U.S. The following year Dr. Broderick received an award from the California Orthomolecular Medical Society at their Annual Symposium. Doc presented a paper and demonstrated by time lapse radiography the systematic dissolving of a golf ball size cystolith (urinary bladder stone) for the first time in history. Dr. Broderick’s award-winning formulas are sold around the world and recognized as the first pet foods that use Preventive Nutrition to help prevent disease in animals. Super-food antioxidant and Phyto-food immunity support are two Probiotic formulas that represent the culmination of nearly 50 years of Doc’s veterinary medical practice as well as research and worldwide search for the ultimate combination of ingredients to ignite the immune system in cats, dogs and other animals. This unique approach to nutrition helps pets live longer, healthier lives. In August 2010, at the American Veterinary Convention in San Diego, California, Dr. Broderick received the first President’s Award in Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Broderick authored “Compassion for Pets” to provide pet owners the knowledge to give their pets the absolute best food and increase both the quality and duration of their lives.

Dr. Broderick will serve as the Chairman of Product Development and the Advisory Board.

Born in apartheid South Africa, Howard Ash always sought to unite and connect people through business and charitable endeavors. Howard immigrated to the United States in the 1980s and served as CEO, COO and CFO to a variety of high profile, international companies. He is regarded as an added-value specialist and thrives on strategic alliances. His affiliations and associations have resulted in funding in excess of $350 million.

Mr. Ash is the only non-UK citizen serving on the E2Exchange Advisory Board. He is committed to looking for opportunities to further connect people throughout the world to make a difference. Mr. Ash started an interest-free micro-loan society in 1987 that has provided more than $10 million in micro-loans throughout the United States.

Mr. Ash has served as Chairman of Claridge Management since 2000 and is a Board member of BioCard Corporation. His specialties include marketing, networking, fundraising, planning and implementation in local and overseas markets and forging strategic alliances. He has also joined the Advisory Board of Edge to Edge Global Investment Limited forging a strategic partnership with the Africa Forum, to pave the way for a new approach on nutrition and food supplements as part of a comprehensive strategy to fight the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Mr. Ash’s contribution to the community is extensive. He founded the Circle of Life Resource Center, Inc., a food bank in Miami, Florida and in 2009 he took on a role serving in a senior development and strategic capacity for the global NGO One Laptop Per Child, aiming to provide educational opportunities for the world's poorest children.