The Company

PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a registered U.S. Veterinary Pharmaceutical company whose mission is to bring its scientifically proven, bioactive medication and nutraceuticals -- “Vitalzul™” -- to the world of veterinary oncology. The Company specializes in the research, development, sales and support of advanced drugs and nutraceuticals for pet cancer and autoimmune related diseases such as arthritis.

PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Petlife” with the trading symbol OTCQB: PTLF) has developed a new advanced generation of potentiated veterinary cancer medications and nutraceuticals based on the Company’s formula of Blue Scorpion venom and other natural compounds.

Petlife's products have shown the potential to prevent and treat cancer, as well as to dramatically improve quality of life and extend the longevity of pets with cancer. This is accomplished without the harmful side effects of conventional chemotherapy and other traditional treatment programs. Nutraceuticals, food, pet treats, and the anticipated registration of an FDA approved drug for the treatment of cancer in animals are all in the works today.

PetLife is building a team of industry leaders with the primary goal of diversifying its core product line. There are many opportunities available in the pharmaceutical space for introducing new and improved drugs to treat the most common diseases facing our companion pets and animals today. PetLife’s mission is to identify, perfect, and bring these opportunities to market with the goal of improving the quality of life in our companion animals.

What will the Company do?

PetLife, which the name defines the intent of the Company, plans to address cancer in dogs and cats. Many pet owners have already dealt with cancer and their beloved pet. PetLife, managed by pet lovers, desires to provide pet owners options to prevent and/or assist with, cancer in their pet.

Most people grew up with a pet and still have a pet. Pet owners, as the marketplace indicates strongly, will do anything for their pet. If PetLife can provide quality of life for the pet suffering, even prolonging life with quality, much less help prevent potential cancer, then the Company, its management, and its shareholders will benefit in two ways: 1) helping pet owners and their pet, and 2) creating a success, job creating company that will be respected in the industry.
The Company uses a manufacturing facility that is certified in CMC (certified manufacturing control), GMP (good manufacturing practice), GLP (good laboratory practice) under international guidelines meeting FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) standards.

The Science

For millennia, the scorpion has been steeped in mystery. The pursuit of its secret healing properties has been the focus of many generations.

From scorpion fossils in the Silurian period, 430 million years ago, to the Pharaohs and Chinese dynasties to Cuban and Dominican traditional remedies, scorpion venom is now the focus of today’s modern, scientifically based research across the globe. The interest has been so great that several EU countries formed Venomics, sponsored by the French government to specifically study and identify the therapeutic possibilities of all known venoms including Scorpion Venom.

The University of Chicago, Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, Cornell University, Michigan State University and the University of Washington have extensively researched the therapeutic effects of scorpion venom.

Scientists at PetLife have taken this research to another level. Instead of separating the single molecule from the original complex natural structure and synthesizing it, our scientists decided to keep the scorpion peptide in its original form since the mechanism of action of the scorpion venom is multi-dimensional and complex.

Since the histology (cellular biology) of humans, dogs and cats is quite similar at the molecular level, and given the growing body of new preclinical research demonstrating the effectiveness of polarized scorpion venom in human malignancy, many companion animal owners as well as veterinarians have been drawn to use Vitalzul for Pets™.